Do It, Do It Now.

“We must DO and not just THINK about doing.”

Yes. Like how I have been thinking of blogging but every time I visit this page, wordpress humours me by saying ‘Nothing found’. Then again, it is not wordpress’ fault I cannot finish even one post.

I was at dinner a couple of weeks ago when someone told me this story of a friend of hers who is very pro-doing-stuff. Let’s call her Dolly. So, Dolly manages to invite people to church on a whim. One Sunday, she needed to pump petrol on the way to church. As she went to the counter to pay, the petrol station attendant asked her,”What are you doing up so early, young lady?” Dolly told the attendant that she was going to go to church. Upon saying that, she felt a tiny push and asked the attendant if he wanted to come along. Whether or not the attendant said yes is totally irrelevant to my point.

We all get that little push from the Holy Spirit every once in a while. How many of us actually acts on it, immediately? Dolly has a habit of acting on every single feeling she gets. If I am being honest, I have a habit of procrastinating on every feeling.


The few times I acted on that little push, it was so worth it.

We need to learn to DO more than we talk. How many good ideas have been spewed out in the past few years? If acted on all, of course, there will be failures. If you ask me, failing is better than not trying at all. At least you know that road leads to a dead end. I don’t know about you, but I like knowing more than guessing.

Then again, if God wants something done, He will get it done. Think of Jonah. Heh.. Poor guy probably thought he could escape God but he ended up in a whale’s tummy. Whales eat plankton right? So its tummy probably has a lot of plankton? I don’t wanna be housemates with plankton 😦


The horror… Back to Jonah. You know how the story goes, after he finally does what he’s supposed to, the outcome was magnificent. No one would have thought it was possible. But God did. The city of Nineveh repented. Even the king repented.

You see what happens when we listen? More often than not, we think we know better than the Almighty God.

Time to start doing and stop just thinking about doing.

Who knows what may happen? 😉

Well what do you know. First post is done!! In your face, wordpress!


Side note: what is UP with the weather??? It’s so hot nowadays, I can cry. And i need to get my biological clock back on track ._.