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Night before

Tomorrow is the big day. A whole month of preparation, training, missing out on my social life, getting sick, EVERYTHING, is coming to an end. In 24 hours, it will all be over. Whether or not it was all worth it, we will find out tomorrow. 

Honestly, this competition has taught me so much and I am excited to see what I am capable of. What WE, as a team, are capable of. Weeks of staying in uni even after the lights are off and weekends spent analysing case studies, hours spent analysing our own strengths and weaknesses. I feel bittersweet about it ending. I got so comfortable doing all this. I guess that’s how we know it’s time for it to end. 

Whatever the outcome tomorrow may be, I thank God for this opportunity. 

Stretching my capabilities. 

Having so much on my plate at once. 

Well. Here goes nothing. 


Pumped Up Kicks



I love music. Not in the “OMG, like, what would life be without music.. like, i could, like, dance around the whole dayyyyy” kinda way. But more in the I wish it could be my profession. In the way that music is a lifestyle for me. Hahahah okay that sounded lame. I am not a bimbo, I promise! 

Peyton Sawyer from ‘One Tree Hill’ could not have said it more accurately. It does not make you less of a person if you are either. I am definitely a lyrics person. The words of a song determines whether it is a good song or not (to me). Listening to a song’s words and understanding what the writer meant when he/she wrote it makes a song even more beautiful for me. 

I know many people who have music preference based on how it sounds like, regardless of what the singer is saying. I remember, as a kid, there was an anime phase that I went through (admit it, many of you did tooooo.) and I listened to Japanese songs a lot. My dad used to say,”You don’t even know what they are saying, they could be cursing you for all you know.” That stuck with me. Until today. Harsh words to be told to an eight year old.  

It is important to know what you are singing or listening to. I was just watching American Idol earlier, and one of the contestants sang Foster the People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. I always thought it was an alright song, catchy tune. Never really thought about what it meant. But then one of the judges commented that it was a dark song hidden behind a catchy, perky tune. So I googled it. (Side note: I google everything. Google is my best friend.) 

“Pumped Up Kicks” is also a song about a kid preparing to shoot his classmates at school.

Yeah. Shocking. Then I looked at the lyrics and really tried to understand the song. It made total sense. IT’S A HOMICIDAL SONG. What. Why would they do something like that?!! 

Foster said in a statement to, “I wrote ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ when I began to read about the growing trend in teenage mental illness. I wanted to understand the psychology behind it because it was foreign to me. It was terrifying how mental illness among youth had skyrocketed in the last decade. I was scared to see where the pattern was headed if we didn’t start changing the way we were bringing up the next generation.”

Now, do you see why lyrics are so important? And it means so much more now that I understand where the song came from. My respect for Foster the People grew after reading this. 

I am not forcing people to LOVE LYRICS. But, it is good to open up our minds a little and look at the bigger picture (there is always a bigger picture). Curiosity is good. A little curiosity never killed anyone (heh, it kills cats, but then again, I’m not really a cat person).




Patience is a virtue

I can be extremely impatient at times. Especially when it comes to getting something new.


When I want something, I want it. Now. Do you get that annoying feeling inside of you when you want something really bad? That is me, most of the time. As a kid, I used to pester my parents until I get what I want. Now, I suppress the feeling but it’s still there. It’s odd, I am fine waiting forever for public transportation. I don’t like it, but I can bear it.

I need to learn patience. I need to learn to wait.

Thing is, I know I am going to get it, sooner or later. But the problem is I want it sooner rather than later. It is such a horrible feeling!!!

In Genesis, Jacob waited SEVEN YEARS for Rachel’s hand in marriage. And it only seemed like a few days to him because of his love for her. (Genesis 29:20)

Seven YEARS. That’s 84 months, 30 660 days, 735 840 hours.
I’m finding it hard to wait one month.

Then again, there is more glory in being patient than being impatient.

Hebrews 11:36 – For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise.

Being patient has its rewards and it is always worth being patient. In today’s world, we are so used to getting every instantly. There is instant everything! We want everything fast and straight away. Note to self: slow down, smell the roses, stop chasing after things unnecessarily. We have fast food, instant noodles, fast internet. There’s a drive-thru everything. To have things ‘to-go’. So we can accomplish more, is that it?

Sigh. I need to learn to be patient. Why?


Patience is a virtue.

ON A LESS SERIOUS NOTE, I have been listening to Darren Ashley’s music recently. Darren Ashley is a Malaysia-based musician. His style is known as electro-pop. But, he experiments with everything. Check out his soundcloud for a sample of his music. Songs to check out: ‘Breathe In’, ‘Far Out’, ‘Morning Breeze’. The first two are more electro-pop and ‘Morning Breeze’ is more acoustic-based.

Darren Ashley’s avatar

He is uber talented. And he was featured in The Star’s Rage column somewhere in 2012.
I totally recommend him to those of you who are looking for something new to listen to.

The Malaysian music scene is getting better and better. To be honest, I am excited to see what our music industry will be like in a few years time. I bet it’s gonna be good! Malaysia boleh 😉

Do It, Do It Now.

“We must DO and not just THINK about doing.”

Yes. Like how I have been thinking of blogging but every time I visit this page, wordpress humours me by saying ‘Nothing found’. Then again, it is not wordpress’ fault I cannot finish even one post.

I was at dinner a couple of weeks ago when someone told me this story of a friend of hers who is very pro-doing-stuff. Let’s call her Dolly. So, Dolly manages to invite people to church on a whim. One Sunday, she needed to pump petrol on the way to church. As she went to the counter to pay, the petrol station attendant asked her,”What are you doing up so early, young lady?” Dolly told the attendant that she was going to go to church. Upon saying that, she felt a tiny push and asked the attendant if he wanted to come along. Whether or not the attendant said yes is totally irrelevant to my point.

We all get that little push from the Holy Spirit every once in a while. How many of us actually acts on it, immediately? Dolly has a habit of acting on every single feeling she gets. If I am being honest, I have a habit of procrastinating on every feeling.


The few times I acted on that little push, it was so worth it.

We need to learn to DO more than we talk. How many good ideas have been spewed out in the past few years? If acted on all, of course, there will be failures. If you ask me, failing is better than not trying at all. At least you know that road leads to a dead end. I don’t know about you, but I like knowing more than guessing.

Then again, if God wants something done, He will get it done. Think of Jonah. Heh.. Poor guy probably thought he could escape God but he ended up in a whale’s tummy. Whales eat plankton right? So its tummy probably has a lot of plankton? I don’t wanna be housemates with plankton 😦


The horror… Back to Jonah. You know how the story goes, after he finally does what he’s supposed to, the outcome was magnificent. No one would have thought it was possible. But God did. The city of Nineveh repented. Even the king repented.

You see what happens when we listen? More often than not, we think we know better than the Almighty God.

Time to start doing and stop just thinking about doing.

Who knows what may happen? 😉

Well what do you know. First post is done!! In your face, wordpress!


Side note: what is UP with the weather??? It’s so hot nowadays, I can cry. And i need to get my biological clock back on track ._.